Become a beta tester

What does beta testing mean?

You want updates before others get them? You can! As a beta tester you'll get new releases before the general release. This means you can use features that are going to be in beta for a while before the rest of the users get it. Therefore the version might be slightly less stable. But in case you don't mind, just join the beta.

In case you run into any issues or notice something that could be improved, for example in the user interface, you can provide feedback and it may be changed or updated within days. 

For those that have bought plugins, it is generally a good idea to join their betas as well as compatibility between the plugins and Appsi may break because of changes. Using the beta versions of the plugins will make sure the plugin will work with the current beta version. 

Beta versions are released a lot more often than normal releases. Sometimes even several times a day if something appears broken.

Joining the beta.

Joining the beta is quite simple. It consists of two steps:

First: Join a the Appsi beta testers Google+ community or the Google group if you do not want to use Google+. These are both very low traffic groups and only exist to allow access to the beta. Perhaps once a month a message will be posted, but don't count on that.

Second: Next step is to opt-in for the beta using the special opt-in links. Use the links below to opt-in and follow the on-screen instructions

Appsi opt-in link

Plugin opt-in links

How can I help testing?

There's two ways to help, the first one is very simple, just use Appsi like you normally would and report any anomalies. Second is a bit more involved, try every single option test how it behaves and if the option clearly describes what it should do. No matter how you test,  if you run into any issues, please send inform me as soon as possible.
See an error in a translation? Think something should be written in a better way? Think the user interface could be improved? Again drop me a note and I'll take a look.