Change log

Release dates are the release dates of the beta version. Not the date the version was moved to production. Released that never made it to production are marked beta only. These are usually in between version to allow early access to beta testers

1.5 (September 2013):
New Page: Home (with widgets, Home Plugins and DashClock Extensions)
Music player controls in Home.
Create as many hotspots as you like and set the page to open.
Secondary color choices: grey, purple, green, orange and red.
Faster scrolling option
Improved gesture configuration
Look & Feel optimizations
Ability to stop Appsi from the main settings screen
You can add shortcuts to the launcher to open Appsi
More languages: including German, Italian and Portuguese.
Change the hotspot color and transparency
Improved usability by adding done buttons
The max width of the sidebar is now 95% of the screen width
A lot of minor other fixes and updates
1.4.9-1.4.22 (August 8th 2013 - September 12th, in beta)
See 1.5 for all changes
1.4.8 (August 7th 2013):
More bug fixes and small improvements.
1.4.1 - .1.4.3 (July 28th/29th 2013):
Bug fixes
1.4 (July 27th 2013):
New Logo.
Added more info in the gesture settings with redirects to instructions and to the hotspot settings screen.
1.3.9 (July 24th 2013, beta only):
Fixes to the calendar plugin, solves issues on certain devices
Appsi now notifies you of outdated plugins.
1.3.8 (July 23rd 2013, beta only) :
Global search added
Scale text and icons in the sidebar
Change the item margins in the sidebar
1.3.7 (July 20th 2013) :
Instructions added to hide the ongoing notification on Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean).
Launching an app behaves more like the launcher in very specific cases.
1.3.5 (July 18th 2013, beta only):
About screen with a link to the brand new Appsi Google+ Community, information on becoming a beta tester, a link to this change log, a link to my Google+ profile for Appsi related announcements.
1.3.4 (July 15th 2013, beta only):
Fixed a bug in hiding the ongoing notification
1.3.3 (July 15th 2013, beta only):
Hiding the ongoing notification
Fixed a crash on some devices running 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 with hardware acceleration enabled
Fixed ellipsis not appearing on items with two rows on the first line when it is to long
1.3.2 (July 11th 2013):
fixes a bug for API levels 7 & 8 that the sidebar would not open
Performance improvements on the sidebar rendering
Bigger devices show more items on the swyper
1.3.1 (July 9th 2013, beta only):
Added a hint on how to add favorites when there a none
1.3 (July 6th 2013, beta only): 
Switch between plugins by swiping left and right on the sidebar
Contextual actionbar for plugins (allows users to long press items and perform a different action)
Unlimited favorites support & improved favorites picker
Add hint on how to open the sidebar
Add option to always show the hotspot. Easier for new users to get used to Appsi
Actionbar implementation now provided by actionbarsherlock
Background selection support
Light color theme
Plugin data will automatically be refreshed when needed providing a more stable user experience
1.2.1 (June 16th 2013):
Rewrote the double tap detector. Issues on devices with very sensitive screens
Appsi now has 5 favorite items
RU translations added
Android 2.3.3 (API level 10) compatibility issue resolved when opening the sidebar
Added GB and NL translations
Added instructions to some views
Improved tablet support
1.2 (May 29th 2013):
Added a lockscreen widget to the apps plugin
Added gestures to open favorites or recents instantly
Changed the look of the screens to white instead of transparent
Added plugin switcher to the sidebar, now you can switch between plugins in the sidebar.
Made open sidebar the default open mode instead of the plugin swyper mode.
1.1.1 (May 2nd 2013):
Minor bugfix for 1.1
1.1 (May 2nd 2013):
Lowered the minimum width of the hotspot to 4 dips
Added single hotspot mode, to open all plugins using one hotspot
Changed menu layout
1.0 (April 14th 2013):
Initial release