Appsi is a sidebar for android. Appsi has been created to allow any kind of data available through a plugin to be presented in the sidebar. This way you can access anything you need with just a single slide. The sidebar lives on top of everything else that is going in on your device, all you need to do is configure the gesture hotspots. This is done in an easy drag and drop interface (see screenshots) where you can instantly see the location of the hotspot.
Since Appsi 1.5 you can also add Widgets, Home Plugins and DashClock Extensions. This allows you to have a completely personalized page in Appsi.
Appsi also contains an embedded apps plugin, where you can add favorites and browse through all you apps. 
And if you would like to add, Contacts, Settings (with toggles) or a more extended version of Apps, you can buy and install any of the other plugins.


Whenever you need access to any kind of data, or need to start a certain application, you need to go through several pages, browse your contacts or open your call log. And then when you finally found what you are looking for you can do what you intended to do. 
Now think of this, virtually anything you need can be plugged into Appsi. So opening anything you may need will only be a matter of sliding from the hotspot towards the center of the screen and you will be able to access whatever you needed instantly. And if it is not set as one of your favorites there are the recents and the ability to search the entire list with one tap.
At this moment there are plugins available for showing your apps (including favorite apps and recent apps) ,your contacts, your call log, your messages and your calendar. A lot of other plugins are planned as well, so really anything you need will only be one slide away.


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          "Innovative gesture control"

          “The setup process is a lot simpler than similar apps

           It is quite customizable in look and feel, as well as sidebar placement and more

           “The developer has included a fantastic tutorial in-app, so things aren't too tough to grasp from first installing


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