Appsi is build in a way that it supports plugins to extend the basic functionality it offers. Appsi itself is about user interaction and engagement. The plugins are about the data and how to handle it.

The advantages of a plugin system are:
  • Any type of data can be added to Appsi without requiring special permission changes to Appsi. Appsi itself does not need any specific permissions except for those it needs to operate.
  • Allows plugins to take care of their content and leave presentation and user interaction to Appsi. Any plugin you install will feel the same. Once a new feature gets added to Appsi, it will be available to all plugins where applicable without the need to change any code in the plugin.
  • Allows third parties to integrate their solutions without the need to have knowledge about Appsi details itself.
Visit the plugin pages to read more about the plugins:
This plugin combines the Settings, Apps and Calendar plugin.