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Appsi Contacts plugin
The Appsi Contacts plugin is a plugin for Appsi that allows you to easily access your contacts. 
The Appsi Contacts plugin consists of three different sections:
  • Your favorite contacts.
    You can change the amount of favorite contacts to show and pick them from the list of all your contacts. You can configure the action to perform when a contact is clicked, by default it will show the contact details.
  • Recent contacts.
    Shows the contacts you recently contacted optionally with message for text messages or phone number for call log entries. You can also choose to show the time the contact was contacted for the last time. You can configure the amount of contacts to display in this section, or choose to hide this entire section from Appsi.
  • Contacts list.
    Contains a list of all your contacts. You can choose to show all these contact or to show specific contact groups and optionally group them by contact group.