This page contains some screenshots of Appsi running several plugins. You can also check out the Appsi Users Community on Google+ to see more screenshots and to discuss Appsi with other Appsi users.

Appsi 1.5

Home page with some widgets added
Home, with grey colors on the right side
Showing the internal player controls

Home Plugins

Home plugins, light theme

Appsi in green

The main screen

Appsi 1.4

Apps plugin
Apps plugin with contextual actions
The light theme

Main screen

Settings plugin, grey theme

Appsi, slight transparency

Apps plugin, background & transparency

Settings plugin, smaller text and icons

Hotspot configuration screen (1.3+)

Appsi version 1.1 screenshots:

Single Hotspot mode.

The Appsi Lite (build-in) plugin

Plugin selection menu

Hotspot location setup

Appsi Apps plugin
Appsi SMS plugin
Appsi Calls plugin