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Plugin updates

In case you Appsi reports that plugins are outdated, this most likely mean that Appsi was updated but one of your plugins was not. Appsi checks the compatibility of the plugins and in case of possible incompatibility it will disable the plugin and show this message.

What should I do?

To resolve this (beta users read below first), tap the notification and update each of the plugins that is outdated. Tapping the plugin will take you to the Google play store and allow you to update the plugin. In some cases the notification may not go away right after updating the plugin. Just tap the notification again and check if everything is up to date in the plugins manager.

For beta users

For beta users the same applies as for normal users, but using the beta of Appsi means you get your releases earlier. So the new plugins may not yet be available. At least not to normal users. Beta users should also opt-in for the beta versions of the plugins. Here are the opt-in links again. You can also click them to check if you have already opted in for beta testing. Apps PluginCalendar PluginCalls PluginContacts PluginSMS PluginSettings Plugin and the Powerpack Plugin.

Read become a beta tester for more information about beta testing.

Why does this happen?

This happens because of changes in the way the plugins communicate with Appsi. If this message would not be shown, plugins would crash or the plugin could even make Appsi crash. To prevent this from happening Appsi shows a warning message.