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Why is Appsi using so much memory

Q: Why is Appsi using so much memory?

This is a very good and very hard to answer question. 
First of all, it has to do with how memory management works on modern operating systems like linux  (on which Android is running). 
The most important thing to remember: Memory can be shared between multiple applications, and this causes both apps to use that memory. 

For example when gathering the memory info of the appsi powerpack, it may look something like this:

** MEMINFO in pid 27574 [com.appsimobile.appsipowerpack] **
                         Shared  Private     Heap     Heap     Heap
                   Pss    Dirty    Dirty     Size    Alloc     Free
                ------   ------   ------   ------   ------   ------
       Native        0        0        0    64380    57443     1072
       Dalvik     3856     5616     3608    10776     4653     6123
        Stack       28        8       28
       Cursor        0        0        0
       Ashmem        0        0        0
    Other dev        4       28        0
     .so mmap      653     2756      484
    .jar mmap        0        0        0
    .apk mmap    30534        0        0
    .ttf mmap        0        0        0
    .dex mmap     1147        0        0
   Other mmap       25        8        8
      Unknown    51383     6168    51144
        TOTAL    87630    14584    55272    75156    62096     7195

Android will report the amount of used memory to be somewhere around 75MB (75156 in bold). When taking a memory snapshot of the app (dumping the hprof) it will show the privately allocated memory withing dalvik. And these values may differ a lot

According to the memory dump the Powerpack plugin is only using 2.4MB of memory.

So how can we explain this extreme difference?
Well, Appsi and it's plugins access several system resources. The first memory dump only shows the top part, there's also a part about asset allocations that looks like this: 

 Asset Allocations
    zip:/system/framework/framework-res.apk:/resources.arsc: 5604K
    zip:/system/app/Mms.apk:/resources.arsc: 969K
    zip:/system/app/Settings.apk:/resources.arsc: 6687K
    zip:/system/app/Gallery2.apk:/resources.arsc: 1045K
    zip:/system/app/Browser.apk:/resources.arsc: 1034K
    zip:/system/app/Calculator.apk:/resources.arsc: 112K
    zip:/system/app/Contacts.apk:/resources.arsc: 1087K
    zip:/system/app/DeskClock.apk:/resources.arsc: 789K
    zip:/system/app/Dialer.apk:/resources.arsc: 828K
    zip:/system/app/Email.apk:/resources.arsc: 1237K
    zip:/system/app/GmsCore.apk:/resources.arsc: 3531K
    zip:/system/app/Hangouts.apk:/resources.arsc: 2929K
    zip:/system/app/DSPManager.apk:/resources.arsc: 210K
    zip:/system/app/DownloadProviderUi.apk:/resources.arsc: 93K
    zip:/system/app/ParanoidOTA.apk:/resources.arsc: 47K
    zip:/system/app/QuickSearchBox.apk:/resources.arsc: 4827K
    zip:/system/app/SoundRecorder.apk:/resources.arsc: 50K
    zip:/system/app/Torch.apk:/resources.arsc: 52K
    zip:/system/app/VideoEditor.apk:/resources.arsc: 383K

It appears that all these resources count as memory used by the powerpack plugin as well. This adds roughly 30MB to the memory usage.
This accounts for the 30,534K of pss in the apk mmap. Now also take a look at this line:

      Unknown    51383     6168    51144

Something else is also adding about 50MB to the memory usage. My best guess is that these are resources from other apps used by the powerpack plugin, for example to load calendar data, read settings status (the toggles for example) and the list of recent Apps. The powerpack plugin connects to all kinds of resources to gather this information that count against its own memory usage as well. 

The same goes for Appsi, it connects to the Android PackageManager to get info about installed apps, it connects to home plugins and DashClock extensions, it may host app widgets that connects Appsi to the AppWidgetManager (across multiple apps). All these things may add up to the memory usage you see in Appsi. 

For more information (and details how to interpret the different values) see this answer by Dianne Hackborn to a similar question on